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An Organic Lyrical Tribute to Bek!

Since we are all celebrating Eighteen-Years of Mellow Gold and I'm celebrating Thirteen-Years of being a Webmaster; I am taking my mind back in history through the aeons of the dusty-web; way back to the time before and when XHTML were but just tiny gleams in the eyes…

Anyway, here's your chance to speak your rhyme: add your lyrics to the monkeyshine.
May the Beck be with you!


(From the Online Beck Fans)

[Written by You the Surfer]

ghost got crazy with tha cheeze whiz
but it was nobody's fault but my own
Tiny got punched by a tombstone
vietnam vet playing air guitar
drifting along in the same stale old shoes
vacant cold day in a city burning ablaze
The disco boy's death was a phase
Minahal kita
Aking prensisa gimme 5

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